How to be a Kind Friend

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As a parent, all we want for our children is for them to be happy, healthy and to grow up to be a happy, honest and loving person.

It can be a confusing time for our children when starting preschool and/or school with developing friendships. Some children find it easy to make friends and others not so.

Here are some free EBooks created especially for parents to share with their 3-6 year olds on how to be a kind friend and always trying their best.

These colourful EBooks introduce you to Mr. Tree and all his animal friends. Meet all the animals and enjoy some fun activities.

There are 4 Ebooks in total plus 1 about trees. These books are:-

1. Using Kind Words
2. Smile and Be Happy with your Friends
3. Always Say Please & Thank You
4. Always Do Your Best
5. Mr Tree and his Health Assessment


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Have a look at our other books and how they can help

Our other books are for 5-8 year olds providing support and guidance with some confusing issues. Confusing issues such as being bullied, working together as a team and using kind words to all our friends.

Mr Tree is everyone’s favourite tree in the local park and he is very wise, friendly, helpful and loving. Between Mr Tree and all his animal friends, they chat with all the children and help to solve their problems.

Mr Tree is wise, friendly, helpful and very loving!


Connect with Nature, Connect with Mr Tree. Follow us on Facebook book.

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Looking for a gift or know someone with a problem to solve, have a look at our Book Titles. Enjoy reading about using kind words, team work, bullying, tree health, tree removal and being a kind friend.