Book on using Kind Words

Mr Tree and the Scary Sleepover

Having a sleepover can be a little daunting for our little ones and it can sometimes be a bit scary especially when it is the first time.

Mr Tree and the Scary Sleepover is a book that shows you how saying the first words that come to our heads can be hurtful towards our friends.

Mr Tree talks to Ava and Grace after their very first sleepover together and helps them to understand how thinking before we speak is better than just saying the first words that come to us. If we stop and think about the words we are going to say, we will always use kind words that won’t hurt our friend’s feelings. Nice and encouraging words help our friends to be happy.

Mr Tree saves the Scary Sleepover is a great book for all ages.

Looks like they are having fun!
Ava and Grace happy again

Talking nicely to our friends and using kind words and actions make our friends happy. Remember when talking to your friends to be nice and thinking about the words you are going to use before you speak.

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