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The Kind Friends Programme  

Life is an adventure with lots of learning and activities along the way.

Our Programme called The Kind Friends Programme has been designed in a fun way for children to learn 4 easy agreements for being the best kind and good friend.

Meet Mr Tree, our wise, fun, friendly, helpful and loving tree that lives in the local park. The children love to play and climb all over him and of course, chat together. Most importantly, Mr Tree has solved many children’s problems.

Learn about each agreement and how each agreement can help children, teenagers and adults. Everyone on the planet can live by this programme.

The 4 agreements are:-

  1. Use kind words
  2. Don’t take things personally
  3. Don’t assume
  4. Always do your best

The programme guides you through these 4 simple steps and comes with a series of Mr Tree books that provide examples of each agreement.

How our books help

Each book has important messages and have connections to one or more of the 4 agreements. Mr Tree is the favourite tree in the local park who is wise, friendly, helpful and very loving. He connects with the children and together they chat and solve many life issues. This series of books has been based around trees and encouraging children to go outside and find their favourite tree in their local park or at home. Trees and nature are healing and we encourage children to explore and climb trees.

Mr Tree is wise, friendly, helpful and very loving!


Connect with Nature, Connect with Mr Tree. Follow us on Facebook book.

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