The Big Tree Job

Based on our Animation

Have you seen our short animation? The Big Tree Job is based on our animation so make sure you check it out. The tree has lost a very large limb and half of its foliage. Stephen the Tree Surgeon goes out to assess the tree and advises The Tree House Gang that the tree won’t survive and that the tree needs to be removed for safety reasons.

Shelley the Tree Lady requests that the boys do a safety check on the site and then they are right to start working. Once the site’s safety checks have been made, the crew starts to remove the tree. What sorts of equipment do you think you might need to remove trees? Read all about the equipment used, what they do and how they act. Some of them are cranky, some whistle and others work very hard to get the job done.

Read about all the characters and learn about what each piece of equipment can do. They all are needed to help out on the job site and remove the tree completely.

Coming together as a team is important.

Ellie the Excavator whistling away
Stumpy grinding down the stump

Trees can look healthy from the outside when in fact, they are not that healthy at all!

Learn all about trees.

Watch our Animation

Watch our animation and see this book come alive. Listen to each of the characters and the strange noises they make. Click here to see them all.