Stumpy the Stump Grinder

Stumpy the Stump Grinder

Stumpy is a red stump grinder. He looks very angry because he needs to work very hard to grind the stumps. Trent uses a remote control to guide stumpy on where to go and how fast to go. Stumpy’s big wheel at the front has some teeth on it and the wheel goes around very fast and moves from left to right and back again. He does this to grind the stump into lots of little pieces. Those pieces are called stump grinding shavings and are usually raked back into the hole and left on site.

Stumpy needs daily maintenance checks and runs on fuel for him to be able to work properly. He is also a dangerous machine so people need to be trained to use him properly.

Cranky the Crane

Cranky Crane is a cranky old crane. He really doesn’t like lifting heavy things but he has to, it’s his job. His operator Marty has to talk nicely to him all the time to get him moving. Cranky grunts and groans whilst lifting limbs and tree trunks and never seems to be happy.

He needs lots of daily maintenance to make sure all his hydraulics are working and that everything is greased up ready to go. His outriggers are placed either side to take the load and keep Cranky stable. He often has big services to check and change filters and oils.  Cranky Crane has a very important job and that is lifting heavy limbs and trunks from a tree and lower them to the ground. This makes the job safer for all working.

The crew operating Cranky Crew need to be fully trained in Crane operations.

Ellie the Excavator

Ellie Excavator loves her job. She is strong and thinks she is pretty special. She always has fun on the job site. She gets to pick up big logs and swing around and dump them in the back of a truck. She never stops singing, whistling and talking.  Sometimes she makes Cranky Crane angry which makes everybody laugh.  Everybody needs a happy excavator on their sites. 

Would you like to watch the characters in an animation!

A tree has been damaged by a storm and a large limb has snapped and hanging from the tree.   The tree needs to be removed as it has lost half it’s foliage.  If a tree looses half it’s foliage, it looses half it’s food.  The tree will not survive.  The Tree House Gang are all there to help remove the tree safely.   Watch them to see how a tree is removed.

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