Trees and People

Trees and People

Trees and People

Trees provide shade on hot days, and many species provide food such as fruits and nuts. When planted in numbers in large parks and gardens, they have a calming effect for people who walk amongst them.

Trees also produce oxygen which all animals need to breathe, while absorbing carbon dioxide which animals (and people) breathe out. The oxygen transpired by trees contains some water vapour and this can have a cooling effect if you are under the tree.

Some favourite fruit trees consist of apples, oranges, plums and mangoes. Bananas are a popular fruit, however, the banana plant is not a tree by scientific standards, rather it is classified as a soft wooded perennial because it has no actual wood in its trunk and stems.

Some popular nut trees are Macadamias and cashews. Nuts from trees are basically the seed inside a fruit. Some fruits like apples are edible, however, their seeds are poisonous if eaten in large numbers.

Many trees provide herbal remedies which can help people with illnesses, and some people do not like medicinal drugs, so herbal remedies can be a good alternative. An example of this is the Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba). Herbal extracts made from this tree can help with memory and peripheral circulation (blood).

The flowers of many trees are visually appealing, and help calm people by their appearance. The flowers of trees (and all plants) are to attract pollinators though. They did not evolve for people to look at.


For more information regarding trees, click here to learn about an Arborist. Maybe one day you would like to be an Arborist and work with trees.


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