About the Author

about the authorHi everyone, my name is Shelley and I am the creator of The Tree House Adventures and Author of Mr Tree books.

I am the proud mother of 3 beautiful children, Jessica (22), Benjamin (20) and Olivia (10). My passions are to travel, renovate houses and catch up with friends.

For the past 20 years, I have owned a tree maintenance company called Branch Management here in Newcastle. This has kept me busy over the years working through 3 storms, government school programmes and lots of residential tree tidy ups. Although Branch Management has been very good to me, I have always had a creative side that needs to be let out once in a while. When I finished renovating my last house, my mind wanted to keep being creative so I created kids characters based around my tree crew. 5 years on and here we are with an animation, website with kid’s educational information, activities, books, and EBooks. Where we will go next is anyone’s guess?

Having been through school with my eldest 2 children I am now going through it again with my youngest and how things have changed. Children are more confident and not afraid to speak up. I also see lots of different personalities.

As a child in high school, I had an issue with bullying, although I didn’t realise it until I was much older. When reflecting upon this time in my life, I realised I didn’t understand what was going or how I could fix it. I then allowed this behaviour to affect me throughout my adult life up until now. I didn’t know how to be confrontational and ask ‘why’ to this person that was belittling me and making me feel confused, embarrassed and unsure in front of others.

I have written these books based around a tree in our local park that the kids love to climb, sit in and chat with each other. Mr Tree developed from there and he helps the children with so many of their problems, everyday problems that could have everlasting effects on people. My aim is to help in some way to prevent and manage these issues within schools and the world.

These EBooks and Books are aimed at 3-9 year olds. Why not start at the beginning and teach them how to be a good friend with a few easy steps. Learn to say kind words to each other, learn to ask ‘why’ if something doesn’t feel right, learn to not take things to heart, always say please and thank you and most importantly, learn to be your very best. My books have all of these messages in them.

My passion moving forward is to create a kinder world and not have our children live in fear but to live a happy, fulfilling and loving life.

I hope you enjoy my creation.


Shelley xxx

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”
– Walt Disney

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