Kids Climbing Trees

All kids love to climb trees in their own back yards, local parks or schools.  Climbing trees is great exercise, getting out into the fresh air and being in touch with nature should be part of everyone’s childhood.  It’s always a competition to see who can climb to the top.

Kids spend many hours sitting in a tree talking and laughing.  They are also exposed to many types of trees and how the bark and leaves can feel very different. There is a great adventure to be had climbing trees.

As a parent, we want our children to be safe and to especially have fun.  We can do our own assessments on trees to make sure they are safe for our children to climb.

Click here for additional information about safe tree climbing for our children by Kidsafe.


Some kids having fun laughing in a tree
Climbing trees is lots of fun being outside and it's great exercise

The information found on this page was professionally written by Stephen Williams (AQF5 Arborist) also known as our character Stephen The Tree Surgeon.

Fun Fact

Did you know there are over 10,000 types of different species of trees in the world?

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