Stephen the Tree Surgeon


Marty has a very hard job, first he has to talk to Cranky Crane to get him up in the morning and get him moving. That takes a while. Once Cranky Crane is ready Marty drives him to the job site with Joe in the passenger seat. It takes about 15 minutes to set Cranky Crane up ready for lifting.

Once Cranky Crane is set up, Joe moves into his position and Marty hops into the cabin.   They are both ready to start the job.

Joe gives Marty hand signals and blows his whistle and that lets Marty know how to move Cranky and to direct Cranky into position to start lifting branches from the tree.    Marty moves the joy sticks to operate Cranky Crane back and forth and that moves Cranky up and down and side to side, slowly and safely, to get the tree on the ground.  Once the tree is on the ground, it takes about 15 minutes to pack Cranky Crane up.  There is always lots of thanks at the end of the day.

Marty has been specially trained to operate a crane and has a licence as well.   He has to concentrate all the time to make sure the job goes to plan.

Marty wears his protective clothing and always has his suncreeen on.   He loves to eat fruit and vegetables and always drinks lots of water whilst working in the sun.


Joe is a Dogman. He is trained in directing the crane operator (Marty) to operate the crane and move it around. Joe blows a whistle and uses lots of hand movements which Marty knows exactly what Joe is telling him to do. Sometimes Joe has to be the eyes for the crane operator and talks via walkie talkie and directs Marty on what to do. “Left a bit, no right a bit, no left a bit, yep thats right. Good job!”

Joe is always on site when a crane is being used so that the job is done safely.   He is always looking for obstacles and directs the crane operator away from those obstacles.

Joe always has his hard hat and ear muffs on along with his protective clothing.   It’s part of the job to be safe and protected.   He loves to eat all his fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water.

Stephen the Tree Surgeon

Stephen the Tree Surgeon does all the assessments on the trees before they are pruned or removed.   He has to do all sorts of tests on the trees to determine how healthy they are. He can also determine how long they will live for and what sorts of maintenance is required to keep them healthy.

He knows all the species of trees and what is required for each tree so they can be looked after.

Sometimes Stephen the Tree Surgeon sees things in trees like disease and fungus that then requires the tree to be removed. The tree is then considered to be dangerous.

Stephen the Tree Surgeon has special qualifications to be able to do what he does.

Stephen wears his safety gear and his white cape and hard hat.   He always has an Ipad with him to keep a record of all his findings and a tapping hammer to hear if the tree is hollow or solid on the inside.  He eats lots of fruit and vegetables to keep him healthy and drinks lots of water when out on the job.

Carlie the Ecologist

Carlie is an Ecologist. She studies the interaction between animals and plants and the environment in which they live in. She always examines a tree before we remove it to see if there is any wildlife living in the tree. Carlie helps in caring for animals that we find in trees and finds alternative habitat if the tree is being removed.   For example, she may find bird nests or hollows in the tree. She may find possums, gliders, owls, snakes, frogs, ducks, bats, rosella’s and many more animals in these hollows. These animals need to be removed from the tree and relocated as these hollows are there home and shelter. You will often find Carlie working with Stephen The Tree Surgeon. Together they discuss trees, habitat and the environment. Carlie is always working outside so she always wears her sunscreen and hat. She drinks lots of water and eats lots of healthy fruit and vegetables. Carlie loves being outdoors and working with animals and learning about our environment.

Learn all about Working with Trees!

Learn all about working with trees.   You might like to know about what an Arborist or an Ecologist is and what do they do.  Read about when you might need an Arborist.   Learn about the safety required when working with trees, the safety clothing to wear, working in the heat and drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated.   Of course, not to mention all the healthy fruit and vegetables you need to eat to stay strong.   Working outdoors, climbing trees and working on the ground is very physical work.   You need to be fit and healthy.

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