Book on Teamwork

Mr Tree saves his friends in the Storm

Coming together and working as a team can sometimes be a little difficult for children so we have written a book with a group of unlikely animals coming together and having to work as a team to get out of a sticky situation.

Have you ever seen a fox, an owl, a rabbit, and bunnies together? These animals are unlikely to help each other. Mr Tree helps his friends through a storm by showing them a way to stay safe in a hollow under his roots. The trio of animals, learn to listen to each other, trust each other and be positive to overcome some unusual obstacles.

Primary school children why is teamwork so important in students? Reasons being it builds character and confidence to an individual. Also, why is the role of parents so important? Once again teaching our children to listen to others, to trust others and to be positive creates confidence in themselves.

Children Working as a Team

Why is teamwork so important in students? Children working together as a team helps with self-esteem and confidence. It is important to remember that every person in a team has to respect each other’s opinions and accept each other’s abilities in order for the team to work effectively. Communication, social, and emotional skills are all strengthened when children learn to work as a team.

Team sports are great for learning these life long skills.

The storm is starting
Oops, Mr. Tree lost a branch



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Trees can be damaged by storms and windy weather. In severe storms or if a tree has a weak point, branches can break and fall.

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