Become an Adventurer

Come on Adventurers what do you want to be, an Arborist climbing a tree?

Mad Matt is climbing to the top.

He is attached with some ropes so he doesn’t drop.

He is harnessed in and swinging like a monkey.

Lucky there’s no wind because that makes him grumpy.


Come on Adventurers what do you want to be , an Arborist assessing trees?

Dead, dying or dangerous, removal it must be.

Get rid of this one, set it free.

Pruning saves the day, habitat get to play.

Stephen the Tree Surgeon assessing again.

Awaiting the diagnosis, I wonder, what will remain.


Come on Adventurers what do you want to be, a dog man, a crane operator or excavator driver?

We are working with the big toys.

Hard hats and ear muffs, there’s going to be lots of noise.

Heavy and dangerous machinery.

They’re all working together, so easily.


Come on Adventurers what do you want to be, the crew on the ground, is that for me!

There is Onya Owen, Trent and Positive Pete.

Rex, Tess, Chuckie and Stumpy makes them complete.

Lowering branches, dragging, chipping and grinding.

Everyone works together, the tree is slowly down sizing.


Together we all make a fine creation.

We’re serious about safety, sunscreen and hydration.

We’re looking out for the environment, recycling and more.

Let’s get together and see, what we can all learn and explore.


I wonder if we will be at your place next.

We will look after your property and clean up our mess.

The job is now done and the crew are having a rest.

The birds are happy chirping in their nest.

Shelley the Tree Lady knows that was a big day.

Knowing tomorrow will be the same way.

Whatever it is you want to do, adventurers, there’s always a place here for you.

The Tree House Adventures crew!

Meet The Tree House Adventures Crew!

If you want to be a Tree House Adventurer read about the crew and see what they all do.   One day you maybe a Arborist assessing trees, an excavator driver removing the timber or one of the people on the ground lowering the branches.   Whatever you choose, there is always a place for you.