The Tree House Adventures

The Tree House Adventures is about Tree Education and is based around our team and equipment used in our local tree maintenance service company.

Here you will be able to learn about trees, how we look after them, why we need them and why sometimes we need to remove them. Meet the team and all the equipment, watch our animation and of course, read our books. Don’t forget to go to our activities page and print off some dot to dot, find a word, colouring in pages and more.

Our Books

Our books are for young school age children between the ages of 5-8 years, encouraging them to get outdoors and explore nature.

Mr Tree is a helpful tree in the local park and talks to all the children helping them with some problems. Some of these problems may or may not be in your child’s life but are a starting point for a conversation. These problems are bullying, coming together as a team and using kind words. Maybe Mr Tree might help you to solve your problem.

Click to find out more about each of our books:

Learn about Trees!

Trees are amazing living things that provide us with so much. Trees give us oxygen so we can breathe, fruit to eat, timber to make houses, shade to keep us cool and lots of shelter for animals. Click here and learn more about what trees can provide for us and our environment.


Episode 1!

Watch The Tree House Adventures crew remove a tree that is dangerous. The tree has lost a large limb and the remaining tree would not survive without it. Half of the trees food supply has been lost. You can also read about this animation in our book called The Big Tree Job.

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