Tree Health & Safety

Trees provide us with so much.  Tree health and safety is a priority. We as humans need to protect our environment and provide care and maintenance for our trees.

You can identify a problem with a tree just by looking at them. Here you can learn about some obvious problems like bark splitting, bracket fungus, borers, bark inclusions and dead wood. Maybe you can look at your own trees to see if they are healthy and safe.

Preserving trees is our AIM, removing them isn’t our GAIN.

Recycling Trees

Why do we need Trees?

Trees, Animals & Habitat

Kids Climbing Trees

Bracket Fungus

Bark Splitting

Bark Inclusions

Borers in Trees

Deadwood in Trees

What is a Arborist?

When do you need an Arborist?

What is an Ecologist?

Working Safely with Trees

The information found on this page was professionally written by Stephen Williams (AQF5 Arborist) also known as our character Stephen The Tree Surgeon.

Have you ever thought about working in the Tree Industry?

Learn about working with trees and what sorts of careers there are.   There are many types of people that work with trees.   There are arborist’s, ecologist’s, ground staff, crane operators, truck drivers just to name a few.   Click here and read about working with trees.