Chuckie the Chipper

The Tree House

The Tree House is The Tree House Adventures headquarters and all calls and jobs come in and out of the Headquarters. Shelley the Tree Lady works in the office and runs the jobs from there. She talks to Positive Pete and advises on when jobs are ready. 

Next to the Headquarters is the dump yard with piles of mulch and timber which is divided into firewood timber and timber for milling. 

At the end of the day all the equipment rests at the headquarters ready for another day tomorrow.

Learn how to diagnose trees on the Tree Health page!

We can’t see inside a tree but a tree gives us an idea of its health by what we can see from the outside.   Learn about some tree health issues and you will then be able to see if your trees have a bracket fungus, bark splitting, borers or something else.   If you see any of these, you may need an Arborist.

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