Tess the Tipper

Tess the Tipper

Tess the tipper is a truck with a canopy on the back that holds all the mulch in.   Tess tows Chuckie to each job site. Tess is very clever and the back tray tips up in the air and the mulch falls out in a nice big pile. Tess then goes back to the job site and gets filled up again. Tess needs lots of looking after so that she keeps working properly. She needs diesel fuel to keep running and regular servicing in a big depot made for trucks. She gets her oil changed and new filters to keep running. She also needs new tyres every now and then. Onya Owen gives her a nice wash and vacuum once a week and that makes her feel clean and tidy.

Chuckie the Chipper

Chuckie is a chipper. He is a big noisy machine that eats timber and foliage from a tree and shoots into a pile or into the back of a truck. Chuckie needs daily maintenance like greasing, blades changed or rotated. He also needs major servicing to change the air and fuel filters and change the oil. If anything rattles loose that needs to be checked also. Chuckie runs on diesel fuel; he starts up when the operator turns the key and puts him into gear, munching and munching making a big mess. Once Chuckie has mulched the wood and foliage. Onya Owen drives Tess and dumps the mulch in the yard for recycling. People can put the mulch in their garden and around the base of the trees. Parks put mulch in their gardens which makes the park nice and fresh.


Utie is a little old red ute that Trent drives to and from the job site. He pulls along behind him a trailer that has stumpy on the back. Utie is a very handy ute to have on the job site as he is a tipping ute. His tray can tip up so he can be used for getting rid of mulch, timber and he can also carry top soil, just in case we need to fill in some holes made by the trunk or the equipment over the grass.

Utie also takes lots of chainsaws and equipment to the job site as he has lots of room.


Rex is a chainsaw and he is used to cut through the timber. Mad Matt uses him to prune dead branches off trees and remove some limbs that may be dangerous to keep the tree safe. He is also used to remove the tree if that is required.

Rex comes in lots of different sizes. Small climbing saws and very large saws to cut up the timber.

Rex needs to be looked after and have his chain sharpened so he can cut through the timber easily. He also needs lots of fuel and oil to keep running. Rex needs regular servicing to keep him happy.

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