The Tree House Adventures Books!

Come along and enjoy the fun with the The Tree House Adventures Books.

The Tree House Adventures Books

The Tree House Adventures books have been written for our children to help them understand bullying, coming together as a team, using kind words to each other, of course tree health and sometimes trees require removal. These educational books are for 5-9 year old children and are appropriate for reading alone or with an adult.

They can even be acted out in a play for the children in older years and used for fundraising events. The Mr Tree series of books are great books for parents, books for educators, books for school students learning about everyday issues. They are a great starting point for a conversation.

My belief is if we start educating our younger children, by the time they get to years 4-9 in school, they will have more of an understanding in bullying, why it happens and how it makes people feel.

Come and meet Mr Tree who is a very helpful tree, he cares about you, your friends and he loves it when everyone is happy.


Our aim is to PREVENT and MANAGE bullying within schools.

Our Educational Books for Schools include the following  titles

Mr Tree saves Simon from the Bully is a book about a boy who is being bullied. He does not know why or what he has done to deserve this treatment. This is an example of how bullying someone can affect a person. It also shows how the problem sometimes lies with the person doing the bullying, not the person being bullied.  Read about how Mr Tree helps Simon and through conversation helps Simon to understand why he is being bullied. Mr Tree suggests  Mr Tree helps Simon with the bully. I wonder what happens that Simon needs help with? I also wonder how Mr Tree helps Simon?

Mr Tree saves his friends from the Storm is a story about an unlikely group of animals coming together as a team and working through obstacles. I wonder how Mr Tree helps his friends in the storm? I wonder what sorts of animals come together? Do they stay friends? How does Mr Tree help them through the storm?

Sometimes, if we are having a sleepover for the very first time, we can often feel scared and lonely. Mr Tree and the Scary Sleepover can show us how using kind words when speaking with our friends helps our friends to be happy.

At some point in our lives we may have to deal with one or more of these issues.  Treating our friends with kindness is very important.

Also, wouldn’t it be fun to learn about the environment, for example, how are trees assessed? Furthermore, we can read about what happens in these assessments. Also, how to keep trees happy, healthy and safe in your local parks, schools and of course, your own home. Mr Tree and his health assessment explains all.

Unfortunately, there are times when a tree needs to be removed. Trees often look healthy on the outside when in fact they are not healthy at all. This particular tree has lost a large limb and the remaining tree won’t survive. Read about why this tree needs to be removed and why it won’t survive having lost this large limb. Also, read all about the characters in the book The Big Tree Job and learn all about the equipment used to remove a tree.  Did you know that trees are 100% recyclable? Check out our animation which is based on this book.

Come along and join the gang and have some fun.



Trusting your instincts, trusting your friends and believing in yourself increases confidenceBullying is NOT ok!

$1 from every book sold is donated to Dolly’s Dream


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