Book on Safety


Mr Tree and his Health Assessment

Everyone loves the look and feel or a healthy tree especially if you are climbing all over it. Mr Tree and his Health Assessment is a story showing how trees can change from year to year and how regular check-ups ensure safety, health, and longevity.

In this book, you can read about what happens with Mr Tree’s yearly assessment and how one branch that is not healthy provides obstacles for the safety of the children in the park. Read about how the children react and what work has to be done to make Mr Tree safe again.

Trees need to be cared for just like us to make sure they are happy, healthy and most of all safe.  A professional person who has been trained to maintain, care and assess trees is known as an Arborist.

You can be an Arborist if you want to!

For more information about an Arborist or to read about some problems with trees like termites, borers, bracket fungus click here. Also read about how we can recycle trees and how they are fun.

I wonder what is wrong with this branch
Mr. Tree is not looking happy

Trees require care to have a long, happy and healthy life.  If you have a tree, you can read about some tree problems in the menu above called Trees

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