Mr Tree saves Simon from the Bully

Book about Bullying 

For one of the Best Books on Bullying look no further. Our books contain certain key messages, for reasons that we aim to help with bullying issues within school age children. As a result it will help them to understand some of the problems around bullying and the effects it may have on them or someone else. Often it is the person bullying, that has the problem.

This book is a great starting point for a conversation for individual problems. Let our helpful tree called Mr Tree solve your problem.

Not only is bullying a focus in this book, you will also be able to discuss how assuming and also taking things personally also can create to the problem. Assuming it is you that the bully doesn’t like can be the wrong assumption. Believing that the bully doesn’t like you, may also be taking things a bit too personally. Read about how Simon feels in this book and see if he is assuming and taking things personally. Find out what the problem really is.

Bullying is a growing concern in today’s society and educating our younger ones will certainly help in the future.

In this book you can read about how Mr. Tree helps Simon. Mr. Tree is everyone’s favourite tree in the local park. He seems to be able to help the children solve all sort of problems. This particular day it is Simon. Simon is a regular school child just like you but for some reason, he is not very happy and has a problem. Together they talk about what has been going on in school. They discuss how Simon has been trying to stop the bully from annoying him and why, he now needs to try to come up with some sort of a solution. Read about how Simon and Mr. Tree come up with a plan. See if the solution they come up with helps Simon and the bully.  I wonder, do they become friends?

Simon having a chat with Mr. Tree
Simon talking to the Bully with his mum

How to find help

If you are being bullied, often talking to someone like an adult or teacher can help you understand why the other person is being the way they are. Together, like Simon, you might be able to come up with a solution and solve any problem.

We can often feel sad, lonely and uncomfortable from what someone else has said.

First of all, if you see someone being bullied in the playground, local park, school bus or near your home, please go and speak to your parents or an adult. Talking to someone can help you understand and possible solve the problem.


Also speaking with SOMEONE will always help!


Bullying is NOT ok.   There are people that can help you, if this is happening to you. Follow us on Facebook book.

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