Dead Wood in Trees


Dead wooding your trees involves the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches from a tree or the whole tree itself.

Dead wood in trees can change the way a tree looks.   If a tree has lots of dead wood in it, you would think that it doesn’t look that great or it is not healthy.  If a tree has no dead wood then you would think that the tree looks beautiful.

Dead wood can be dangerous in storms as it is more brittle than a healthy branch.   Dead branches can often break and fall to the ground.   Dead branches can also provide homes for nuisance insects.

Having your tree dead wooded can make the tree look beautiful but also adds to the safety of your home.

This tree is dead
Deadwood in a tree

The information found on this page was professionally written by Stephen Williams (AQF5 Arborist) also known as our character Stephen The Tree Surgeon.

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