Positive Pete

Positive Pete

Positive Pete is the supervisor on all the job sites. He explains the job to the crew every morning and advises them on what is being done and what equipment has been organised for each site.   While the morning tool box meeting is in progress, Positive Pete fills out all necessary paperwork and has everybody sign.   Pete makes sure all the crew are wearing there Personal Protective Clothing (hard hats, ear muffs, gloves, safety glasses, long sleeve shirts, chainsaw chapps and boots).  Positive Pete has the crew doing the daily  maintenance checks on the equipment before the day starts.  He also provides sunscreen for the crew to use to protect themselves from the suns UV rays.

Before the crew and the equipment can enter a site, Positive Pete makes sure all qualifications are up to date and licences are still valid. This includes first aid, aerial rescue, chainsaw, rigging, felling certificates and driving licences. This enables all jobs to run smoothly.

Positive Pete also ensures the customer is happy at the end of the day.

Positive Pete is a very happy guy, most of the time! Positive Pete drinks lots of water and eats lots of fruit and vegetables to keep him nice and healthy.

Shelley the Tree Lady

Shelley, the Tree Lady is the Team Leader.   She is the one that takes the call from clients and organises to quote or to have trees assessed.  When the client accepts a job, Shelley, the Tree Lady books that job in and organises the required equipment.   She tells Positive Pete the jobs she has booked in for the following day.  Besides answering the phone, she does all the quotes, organises the servicing of equipment, all the office work and most of all making sure the crew eat lots of healthy fruit and vegetables and drink lots water .

Dynamic Dave

Dynamic Dave is the truck driver and excavator driver. He drives a big 6 wheeler truck to the job site and on the back is a large trailer with Ellie the Excavator on it. Dynamic Dave has to make sure that Ellie is secured properly to the trailer otherwise she can fall off.  Dave gets Ellie off the back of the trailer and off to work they go. Dynamic Dave needs a special licence to drive Ellie and his big truck.  He has had special training on how to drive both machines. Dynamic Dave does lots of maintenance on the truck, trailer and Ellie to keep them running properly. He drives the truck to the dump yard with all the timber on the back. Once the timber is at the dump yard it is sorted. The good timber is sent to the timber mill for milling. This timber will make fence posts or furniture. The bad timber is split and used for fire wood.

Have you read our poem.  Want to be an Adventurer?

Check out our poem and read all about the characters and their adventure.   Do you want to be Mad Matt swinging like a monkey in a tree, or Rex, Tess and Stumpy making the team complete, an excavator drive, the guys on the ground or Shelley, the Tree Lady running them all around.  Whatever adventurer you want to be, just remember The Tree House Adventures is always the place to be.

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