Fred the Fox, Ollie the Owl, Harriet and Mr Tree


Fred the Fox

Hi, I’m Fred the Fox.  Humans and animals are scared of me and always want to run away and hide. You will read about me in Mr Tree saves his friends from the Almighty Storm and you can make up your mind what kind of character you think I am.

Really, I am a softie and just want to make friends.


Ollie the Owl

Hi I’m Ollie the Owl. I am a wise old owl who loves to sit on a limb of Mr Tree and watch everyone walk past.  I have been around for a while and many of my animal friends rely on me to keep them safe. Read about me in the book Mr Tree saves his friends from the Almighty Storm.

Harriet and her Bunnies

Harriet and her bunnies love to hop around the park especially where Mr Tree is standing.   He provides them with lots of shade and also they can talk with Ollie the Owl. Harriet has to protect her bunnies from foxes and other animals that may want to eat them. She trusts her friends and listens to them all the time.

Read about our other Characters

Want to learn about our other characters. Read about an Arborist climbing trees or the crew on the ground or what about all that equipment they use to mulch trees or remove trees.

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