Mr Tree, Simon and Roger

Mr Tree

Mr Tree is my name and I am your friend.  I’ll protect you from the sun and heat if you sit beneath my leaves in the shade.   I can also protect you from the wind and rain if you snuggle up to my trunk.  I am a very lucky tree as I am planted in the middle of a large park where there are lots of children playing and mum’s and dad’s walking past.  As I am your friend, you can climb up onto me, lean against me, sit next to me and I will protect you.   If you are sad, I can comfort you and hopefully make you feel better.  And the best of all, is you can hug me as much as you like.  I love hugs, don’t you?


Hey I’m Simon, just a regular school kid just like you.  Being bullied is not much fun and I didn’t know how to deal with it. The best thing was that I spoke about it with Mr Tree and he helped me to understand the Bully. My mum helped me as well and she was very proud of me when Roger and I became friends. Grown ups really know how to help. If you are being bullied at school, please go and speak with a teacher or your parent. Bullying is not Ok.


My name is Roger and I am the bully in the book Mr Tree saves Simon from the Bully. I struggle to make friends and being mean to somebody made me feel better.  It was like they were hurting inside like I was. There are many reasons why people bully others. I was a bully because my mum died and I didn’t know how to deal with all the changes happening at home. I was very sad, angry and confused. I should have talked to a teacher or my dad but I didn’t. Lucky for me Simon is a really good friend and he helped me. Maybe there is somebody you can help?

Watch our animation

Have you ever wondered how they climb trees and remove those dead branches or remove a tree completely.   Watch our short animation on how a large tree lost a large limb in a storm, the broken limb was about half the tree in size and the tree had to be completely removed as it would not be able to survive having lost half its food supply.

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