Tree Education for Kids

Welcome to The Tree House Adventures, a friendly website that provides tree education for children and educators.  Come and learn about trees with us!

Learn about what trees provide for humans and animals, about the types of fruits that grow on trees, what we can build from trees, how to recycle our trees, about the people who care for and maintain trees and the environment.

Interested in working in the tree industry?  Learn all about arborists and the many roles involved in tree care.

Recycling Trees

Why do we need trees?

Trees, Animals & Habitats

The information found on this page was professionally written by Stephen Williams (AQF5 Arborist) also known as our character Stephen The Tree Surgeon.

Learn about the Health and Safety of Trees!

Learn about the markings on trees that provide us with the information to detect there health and safety.  Learn about who assesses the trees and then who climbs the trees to prune or remove them.